Insight. Evolved.

No-one knows what an audience wants… except an audience.

Dragonfly provides the insight you need to give your audiences what they want.

This is a big change. We know that. Transforming the terms for how art meets audience requires a new and potent ingredient in the creative process: deep AI-powered insight into the magic you make and its effect on the people who experience it.

Simply complicated

What we do is simple to describe but complicated to do. We map every aspect of what’s on screen and capture the audience’s response to every scene, every movement, every creative nuance. We then apply our proprietary AI platform to process the extensive data we gather and turn it into meaningful insight.

Placing your audience right at the heart of everything.

How do you decide which projects to greenlight? How do you make rapid decisions in the midst of production, how do you find, reach and engage the right audience for your film or TV show? Dragonfly’s insight supports you in making consequential decisions about your project. We help you reduce risk, drive efficiencies and optimise the return on your investment.

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